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Hello from India

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I'm new to this forum althoug I registered long back.

I love japanese train models and will like to begin my collections with HO scale.

After searching over the internet  I found many sellers selling HO scale.

Most of the products are either overpriced or not in stock.

I thought of buying from Rakuten global but their poor customer service had prevented my from buying in the past.

Also for most of the time they products had to be backordered.

So far I could not make up my mind where to begin my hunt with min shipping cost to India.

All suggestions are welcomed




P.S I like to begin with KATO/ tomix EF 65, price should be lowest.

I plan to run the collection on Roco Geoline track set since I get good offer on ebay.de 


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Hi Girish, welcome to the forum.  I'm no expert, but I think HO is typically an expensive thing in Japan.  If good deals can be found anywhere, it might be for used items on ebay.  Someone else will be able to provide more information...

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Welcome Girish!


Japanes HO is a bit more difficult and expensive to come by. There are a few HO Modelers here on the forum, they may have some ideas. You might also check with http://www.Modeltrainplus.net and http://www.loco1hobby.net/en/ to see what they might be able to do.


Keep us posted on what you do and if you find good ways of getting your trains to India, sure others may come along and like the info!





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