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"Model trains"

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Time for a small glöggparty with some friends. Glögg is mulded wine Swedish style. Served with saffron buns and gingerbread - home made in Swedish-Japanese cooperation (myself and my wife). Two of the gingerbread models are a bit related to this forum. I call them "narrow gauge" and "garden railway".


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Mmmmm look good and I bet taste good! Nice holiday trains!


As a kid I use to make Xmas tree ornaments every year (about 100) to give to friends and family (the same chap who bought me my first n scale used train set also had introduced me to this ornament production). Needless to say quite a few were trains. I'll have to see if there are some survivors at my folks house when I start clearing the last bits out in the spring. I gave all my ornaments away years ago to a friend who's house burned down.



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