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Hello from Sydney, Australia

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Greetings all, and thank you to the site administrator for approving my request to join.


I'm a retired apartment dweller who has been building a DB/SBB/OBB flavoured Z scale layout for a few years. Recently I've bought a small number of Japanese Z scale trains (Rokuhan, PRMLOCO and Tenshodo) and have been very impressed with the quality. Rather than run them through European scenery there just might be enough room (somewhere!) for a Japanese layout.


I look forward to interacting with fellow members.

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Welcome ozman!


There are a few other Japanese z scalers on the forum. Look forward to seeing what you come up with! With z I bet you can fit something in somewhere, who needs a table to eat off of!





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welcome ozman. We seem to have a lot of new members joining recently, this forum gets better all the time.

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