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Hello from California

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Hello, my name is Oliver. I am from Hong Kong, moved to the United States 6 years ago. I have a hobby of Japanese train modeling since 2006, over the year I collected several sets of Kato & Tomix modern Japanese commuter and Shinkasen line. After i moved to the US, i forgot about the hobby leaving all my train stuff behind my old home back in Hong Kong. When my dad brought over my trains back this year, I suddenly gain recollection of this hobby and have the eagerness to continue on. Right now i am in search of brand new track set & buildings to make a scenery. I have listed some items to sell on this forum so I can fund my track money, please support me!!!!   :)  Hopefully i can gain more knowledge of this hobby from this forum !!!!


My other hobbies:

- eating  :spam1:


- Flight simulation / Flying


- Collecting/building aircraft models


- building custom 1/43 police vehicles models


- R/C 


- Photo editing / Journalism 



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Welcome chopsticks!


I think you will find a lot of great folks and information here on the forum!


Love the bandai star trains you have up for auction. I have collected those I the past. Too bad they did not keep them in production, they were inexpensive and nicely done. Now with all the tomytec mechanisms they could also be easily powered if so desired.


Look forward to you getting back into the hobby and keeping us posted on what you do!





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