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D51 1162, 1:1 scale, made out of cardboard

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This is interesting.  Someone has made a 1:1 scale model of a D51--out of cardboard.   It has about 1500 parts and weighs 1.25 tons.  Currently it's in a shopping mall called IMS, in the Tenjin neighborhood of Fukuoka.


Built by Hideo Shima, 64, an architect from Nagasaki-ken, 4000 cardboard boxes were needed to construct it over the course of 10 months.  He has the same name as the man behind the real D51, as well as the 0 series Shinkansen, but written with different kanji.  The last real D51 built was #1161.




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Guest ___

Hideo Shima? The same Hideo Shima who was the chief engineer for the shinkansen project?  No surprise there I suppose.

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very cool! nicely done! that must have been a really fun project! thanks for the post.


when i was young i did a butt load of this sort of cardboard modeling doing exhibit models at half scale. way too much time with bundles of 2'x5' sheets of corrugated cardboard, matte knife and hot glue gun! its really amazing what you can do with corrugated cardboard and hot glue. stuff holds up well (if you dont get it wet). did almost get me shot by the police late one night when they found a door to the workshop left open and came in. they thought i was a theif and i had a large hot glue gun in my hand while working over a big piece. luckily i glued a part into place when they announced themselves i just looked over my shoulder and i didnt turn directly around with the hot glue gun in hand... one guy had his gun drawn already! 





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