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Train simulator online.

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Here's some more online train simulators that are free to play and some are even downloadable.


Keio Inokashira Line: http://www.realrailway.com/en/ino2/simulator2.html

JR Enoshima Line: http://www.realrailway.com/en/enoshima/simulator.html

Chitose Line: http://www.realrailway.com/en/chitose/sim2.html

Kieo Line Simulator: http://www.realrailway.com/en/keio2/keio2v40.html


English: (few games) http://www.realrailway.com/en/

Japanese: (more games) http://www.realrailway.com/sim/online/index.html

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They added the Seibu Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, the Sagami Railway and the Odakyu Odawara and enoshima lines.


Nice and cool simulator. One of my favourites.

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