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On 3/2/2014 at 11:29 PM, Kabutoni said:

I think it's more of an incapable translator and letterer who don't know how station signs look, rather than legal issues. :p


Being a city name, I doubt they would get sued.   Probably the O is long (O with the line on top) and in some systems, that uses a double letter to signify long, instead of Ou as in other systems.   Sloppy work.

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but I stumbled across a Doraemon episode where the gang turn their house into a train and end up fighting some sort of train thief (with a huge collection of real trains). Don't remember the title though and haven't found it again since.


Edit, I think it might be this one http://doraemon.wikia.com/wiki/Nobita_Express_and_the_Mystery_of_the_Train_Hunter

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Think I found it!

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For those interested, Takara Tomy is releasing episodes of Shinkalion on their YouTube channel. It's a kid's animation where Shinkalion transform into mechanical suits. My son kind of likes it xD



Of course, the trains are fairly accurate because it's made in corporation with JR East.

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The episodes play in a loop at the Kyoto train museum. My kids seemed interest enough in it.


edit/ It might have been Omiya.

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Found just by accident this obscure horror/thriller/comedy OVA from 1987:


"Take the X Train" ("X Densha De Ikou")


The plot revolves around EF58 61, wich suddently becomes a ghost and starts running uncontrolled.


In the first scene, during a marketing meeting, it's proposed to use EF58 61 as the locomotive of choice for a "retro-styled" tourist train.

It's also correctly stated that it was used as the locomotive for the imperial train.






By chance, the project manager happens to be a railway enthusiast.




In the background on the left a poster of the EF58 and on the right a shelf with model trains (from top to bottom: unidentified Bo-Bo loco, EF81, D51 and a postwar-type blue passenger car).


In the foreground, the black box on the left is supposed to be a power controller and on the right the model of an EF58.


Here we see the model of the EF58 running.




On the top left quarter of the screen there's an issue of the Japan Railfan Magazine, wich has a Yamanote line 205 series on the front page and intrestingly enough, it's missing it's Year, but the issue number is present, 13, wich is impossible since the Japan Railfan Magazine numbers it's issues with a year and a number from 1 to 12 indicating the month.


Another shot of the model EF58 running on what seems to be the old brown tomix tracks.

Also visible on the top left quarter of the screen is a TAKI900-type tank car still with it's Mitsubishi Cement logo.




An important scene happens at Yotsuya-Sanchome station on the Maronouchi line.


An Eidan 500 series departs platform 2 (Ikebukuro-bound trains).






Intrestingly enough the running number is 130.

Unit 130 was part of the Tokyo Rapid Railway 100 series, one of the two companies that built the Ginza line (the other being the Tokyo Underground Railway), they will be both merged into TRTA (Eidan) in 1941. 130 was scrapped shortly after the war but it's brother units 101 to 110 were repainted red and white and transferred to the Maronouchi Honancho Branch line in 1962.


Another scene in a subway tunnel, where the ghost train passes by what seems to be a Toei Mita Line 6000 series.






An Odakyu 7000 series LSE is very briefly seen in a scene taking place at a level crossing.








And mid-movie an early-styled Eidan Ginza Line 2000 series nearly hits the protagonist.






Intrestingly enough, all logos, names and trademarks are left in place in this OVA, such as the ones of the then newly-formed JR East (wich happens to be the company the protagonist is working for).


To those interested it can be viewed here


Warning: contains a couple splatter scenes towards the end.


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