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shiawase raichou

Konnichi-wa from Tokyo

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shiawase raichou

Just a quick hello from a long-time lurker, never posted before and not a modeller.


However, living in Japan, I've come to be awed by the rail network here and use it regularly to get up into the mountains ... and this site has taught me much about rail history and functions.


Favourites? Any line that goes slow enough to take in the views. The Chitetsu lines, for example.



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shawase raichou,


Welcome! Great having another member living in Japan. If you have taken any pictures on your adventures please share them, we all love seeing more of the scenery and rail systems! Even the oddest pictures are many times interesting to modelers showing some odd little detail or scene!





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Konnichi wa shiawase raichou. Boku wa Ash-desu and welcome to the forum :).

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