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Yes this is a problem these days as the 60 day limit is hard, but it will get extended if to the outside date of the seller's estimated receipt window. Never was a problem until last year when things cheap 99 cent things from asia started taking over two months at times to arrive. I've noticed many now put the estimated receipt date window at min 1 month and max 2 months (and a few a bit more). Average chinaposf has gone from like 10 days last year to 3 weeks now. I think the luster of all these small packages in china post has worn off for the gov and now not getting fast shipping and processing. The ones that do have tracking usually show once they hit the us port of entry they are usually here in 2-5 days, that part has not changed a lot.


I try to stay on top of the feedback list to see what is getting closer to 60 days and will contact the seller to see what is up. Many will refund at that point. A couple of have showed up at 3 months, but most that go past 60 days are now lost forever. Up thru last year maybe 2 little dollar packages went poop out of many many, but it's gone up in the last 6-9 months. But it's still like 98% success rate and if it does go poof it's a buck or less and usually it can get refunded if you want to push it.


But they do seem to come in waves in the mail box (makes the post person laugh) so at some point in the shipping path things seem to build up and come in small floods. Where that is I don't know.



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