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On 2/14/2018 at 8:57 PM, chadbag said:


It is not obvious how to switch to have PayPal charge your CC with the original currency (Yen, Euro, whatever) so you may just be missing seeing the option.  I avoid PP like the plague, but recently had a few times I needed to pay for some stuff in Germany.  Even though I was looking for it, I almost missed  the option.   IIRC, on the final payment page, there is a small link about "other conversion options" or something like that.  Clicking that brought up a popup that let me specify to charge in the original currency.


Luckily, Amazon.co.jp makes it easy to do.   Since my CapitalOne (and several other cards) don't charge foreign currency fees, it always ends up cheaper to have the charge in the original currency and let them do it instead of PP or Amazon.

After you logged in to Paypal, and chose how to pay,you get to the "Ship to" screen.On the bottom of the "Ship to" area you see the Paypal rate, and below this there is a link that says "View conversion options" .If you click on the link it will bring you to the next screen that says"Currency conversion". There you can chose if you want to convert with Paypal, or your credit card company!!

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