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Tokyo Stub Lines - Part 2

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Tobu Daishi LIne


This is a 1.0 km line and is a remnant of the proposed Tobu Nishi-Ita Line which was never completed and was intented to connect the two Tobu main lines, the  Tobu Tojo and the Tobu Isesaki.


Length 1 km

Stations 2

2 car trains




Tobu Ogose Line


This is a 10.9 km mostly single track branch line which had through service to Ikebukuro until the 1970s and connects the Tobu Tojo line with JR East Hachiko line.  


Length 10.9 km

Stations 8

4 car trains




Keio Inkokashira Line


The Keio Inkoashira line runs from Shibuya to Kichijoji on the JR East Chuo Main Line. Like the Tokyu Oimachi line, the Inokashira line is a two track line with express service.  The lone four track station is Eifukucho 6.0 km from Shibuya. As an ex-Odakyu line the Inkokashira line is built to the Odakyu gauge of 1067mm rather than the 1372mm gauge used by the other Keio lines.


Connections are made with the Tokyu main lines, Saikyo line,  Yamanonte line, Shonan-Shinjuku line at Shibuya,  Odakyu at Shimo-Kitazawa, the Keio Main Line at Meidaimae and the Chuor LIne Rapid and Chuo-Sobu line at Kichijoji  .


Shibuya timetable    http://www.keio.co.jp/english/shibuya/timetable.html


Length 12.7 km

Stations 17

5 car trains



Next the Seibu stub lines....

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Another great set of stub lines! Lots of variety in the stations, loved the one under the underpass. More ideas for modeling!


Thanks again!



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