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Metrolink and Coaster

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Well been working on More metrolinks and coaster equipment ( science moved to

califorina - and can go to la and san diego easily )  :)


been working on my coaches here are few that are done so far


Here is Metrolink Sounder leased car




Here is my weekend pass coach ( found it at La station tokk some nice pics and made one... )




Metrolink bike coach ( one of two - can't locate the other one.... to take  some nice pics)


with lights in it




found this one in La few weeks back ( need to make it )




and 2 of my current F59PH / F59PHI  ( in shop still - more details lights and waiting for sound DCC )


both are sitting modified on Kato f40 chassis ( athearn chassis sucks  - even with DCC @#@@ )






Made Mp36 in metrolink while back



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Nice, are you printing your own decals?

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Yes I did the decals for all

Here is a short vid


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Is this HO scale? I bought a complete N scale Coaster from Athearn a few years back to use on my dad's layout. Great looking equipment!

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All of those are N scale ( I made only one weekend pass in HO )

by next month should have the angels coach :) , still got to work

on coaster we salute u....

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here is the complete list of them  ( making those in n scale and ho scale + making chicago metra in nscale too )


Metrolink #187




Bikes ( working on the second bike coach)




weekend pass




metrolink leased sounder




track smart







Uc San diego




wells fargo




fuelish and SD county fair 2013




Last veterans day this one came out






i make all in N scale and Ho scale now + make new Chicago metra too...

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Well done!



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Hey, where do you get your coaches, or do you make them your self. Because I love the fabulous work that you put into those coaches. I am looking for metro-link coaches to buy myself actually in HO scale.

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I have a 4-car TRE set by Athearn plus the F49PHI.  I have kept them stock, but had to superglue the chassis to the base because they kept falling off.


They are gorgeous sets and since they were sold without a copyright agreement, they've become quite rare and VERY expensive in the original livery for most of the various roads that Athearn modeled.


I am having issues with my F49PHI - it can't navigate around 11" curves without derailing.  Are you having any issues?  How can I fix this?


I used to do some decal'ling on HO with some pretty good results.  If I can find some more Bi-Level coaches for cheap that don't have a livery worth preserving (ie: GO Transit... LOL), then I may dabble...

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