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...or sometimes i think i am to old for those little things.


Today i detailling my EF500 with the original detail parts from KATO

and i need nearly two hours ( for one side ) to finished my EF500 .

And i am not really satisfied with my work ( see the yellow circles on the foto ).

I was not drunken, i am not a blind man,  i am only 55 years old !

How long you need for detailling a Loco ?


JGSDF ( Michael )




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I have excellent eyesight, a steady hand, good tools, patience and youth on my side. It takes me forever, and my results are pretty much like yours. At least you didn't break anything!

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Practice, practice, practice I think. I just postpone the detailing of trains, but sometime I have to do this. I once detailed an H0 loco, but N is so small!

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By coincidence I added the detailing parts to my Kato EH500 this week as well!


Looking at the picture, I can immediately see the roof detail has some flash still on it...you may need to give that a bit of trim. Likewise for the front handrail... The plastic is very soft and gets very bendy.


Fitting these parts is really fiddly and I'm not suprised it took a while...I did mine over the course of two evenings, as well as changing a coupling...a *%# of a job!


Thing is, I have an H0 one to get around to...that has a ton of bits!

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Mudkip Orange

What tools do y'all use for doing this?

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When I'm putting on detail parts I use fine sprue nippers, sharp blades, sanding sticks, tweezers, pin vice and number drills, an optivisor or magnifying lamp, and plenty of bright desk lamps.





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I have to put these fiddly little things on my EF210. It's going to be a nightmare I bet with how much my hands shake.


I figure this is a good place to ask as well, rather than making a new thread. I am sticking the running numbers onto my EF210 and I don't understand how to do it properly. I went with EF210-131 as my numbers. The sticker sheet came with 3 'EF210-131' stickers and 2 'EF210-131T' stickers.


I thought it would have come with 4 of the first stickers, 1 for each end and 1 on each side. What does the T mean and where am I supposed to put those ones?


I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I'm wondering and it doesn't seem worth a whole new thread for a single question.

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Hello all,

thank you all your comments,

what have i learned from your answers ?

Practice, practice, practice that  is very importend i think and a selection good and different  tools also.

An optivisor or magnifying lamp, and plenty of bright desk lamps, that is what i did not have.

And least, do not use the macro function of your camera, if you are not sure that your

work is perfect.

JGSDF ( Michael  )

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