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here is a great set of notes on making all sorts of trees and shrubs.


one of the best things i found in here was to use steel wool to make small shrubs! perfect to be able to bend and tweak after making them! even the color is pretty good gray for most small branches of a shrub w/o having to even paint it!







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Jeff - Thanks for posting the link! I have one question, how is working with steel wool? I remember scrubbing pots and getting steel splints in my fingers.

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I don't know, have not tried it yet, but want to. Yes I expect it could be prickly to work with. But at n scale shrubs I think the very fine stuff would probably be the right stuff and I've used this a lots in wood working finishing and it's not so bad poking the skin.


I liked it as it seems like it will allow some shaping and bending that using poly fill or fibers would not.



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