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Kawai sets on HS

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Most Kawai items have disappeared off the market since Kawai's collaspe, but tonight I noticed there are a few sets still on the HS web site.  Beware there might only be one of each, you don't know.


Hoki10000 Taiheiyo Cement Coal-only Wagon (Chichibu, Bushu-haraya Station Standing) (3-Car Set)




Hoki10000 Taiheiyo Cement (Limestone Only Wagon) (Sangi Railway Use Car) (4-Car Set)




Taki 5450 Kureha (4-Car Set)




Wamu70000 (3-Car Set)




Wara 1 for JNR (3-Car Set)



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Poppondetta is slowly bringing things back. There are a few reissues on the HS site but so far the sets have yet to return.



Cheers NB

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