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Hey all,


A few weeks back I found a link/post with a bunch of photos of people who had built various scenes using this oval track. 




Its not much to work with but I just don't have any space in my place for anything bigger at the moment.


It looked like a "competition" of sorts. It was really neat seeing the variety of plants, buildings, etc that people put together. I'd love to use it as a source of inspiration for my own design.


Not sure where I saw it but can't seem to find it anymore. Anyone know where I might be able to find it?


Are you looking for this layout?




Its a Bandai demo layout.



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Posted (edited)

This one shows that you don't need a complicated layout to get something satisfying:




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While following a link from the forum I was tempted by this video.



At 5:15 there are several shots of a really well done backwater river port scene, with excellent details and weathering.  Up to this point almost all of the scenes are only displayed for a frustratingly short period, but thankfully these are available for a longer time.


Most of it is still images - in fact, I was almost shocked to see moving trains some 10 minutes in.  The last five minutes or so appears to have been shot at a different location, and is somewhat repetitive, although there is some very fine custom bridge work.


This is also the first time that I've seen flex track used in Japanese exhibition layouts, and on a fair number of them too. 

It's good to see such wide, flowing curves without overly thick ballast.

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