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'cab' in middle of train

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This is probably a simple question with an even simpler answer, but I am really curious.  I am getting a Kato 10-381 'Snow Rabbit express' 9 car set.  In the middle (or there about) there are 2 cars with a 'cab' at one end, facing each other.  I have seen this on many videos and am just wondering what the purpose is.  Is it for a conductor, or passengers wishing to look directly at other passengers . . . lol. 






Evan K

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Well, the set you are getting exists of two trainsets, one powered and one unpowered I assume. In prototype the cabs in "the middle" of a train feature a drivers cab above a pair of doors that can open to let both passengers and staff walk through the whole train. There are train services that are split at some point, the door closes and the trainsets uncouple and the drivers cab can be used for the remaining route.


In this video you may be able to see the opened doors but the front of the train has the 'normal' cab:


But this picture (of the same series, but in service by JR West) makes it hopefully much more clear:



In this video you can see such a cab on front of a train:


(the first trainset has two of those "walk through" cabs, the last trainset has only one.


Here you can find tons of videos of the Hokuetsu Express 681 series:



These two videos of the Super Azusa and Azusa services illustrate the coupling process:


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