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My Japanese N Scale Diorama - NEW Dinning Table Layout

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more work on the layout over the CNY holidays, and we can finally see the shape of the town coming up.... 


i really have WAY too much buildings to go into the layout.... help.... 


the right side with the inclines is where city centre is, along with a small tram loop and loads of arcade shops, a spa, and a fire station.... 


the other side is the residential area, with the apartments, some small houses and a hospital block... 


in the centre we have the flagship bridge spanning over the town and some tall buildings and a hotel to build up the landscape... 


the space behind the station is where i will build the station area, with waiting taxis and buses... great way to park my buses too! 


lastly, the 3 toilet rolls are the planned pillars for an overhead highway spanning across... cant build curve ones (too much difficulty) so i chose to build one at an angle to park a bit more vehicles... 











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Nice work Sammy, just one comment from my side: the helicopter seems to me overscaled on your pictures, or the landing place is too small and too close to the entrance on the top of the building and also maybe too close to the tracks. I do not know what are the Japanese standards for this, maybe it is OK, it just little bit weird for my eyes.

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