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ACME 'Tram de Milan' from Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012

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The main carbody parts appear to be cast in clear plastic, then painted with the "body." (Since no one answered my question much earlier in the thread, I will do so by saying they are made of plastic, and not diecast.)  :cheesy


Also, the floor and body below the windows are one piece, the window and letterboard areas are a second piece, and the roof is a third piece. Two steel pins with knurled ends pressed in to the top of the floor and the underside of the roof hold the car together. If you look at that method, as well as the clear display case they come in, it's easy to tell that the Milan trams come from the same manufacturer as the N double-deck Hong Kong tram models.


To motorize these cars, you have do "worry" or drill the pins out to disassemble them, and then carefully cut out the floor around the interior edge of the walls. I plan to use the Tomytec TM-TR01, the longest of its 3 possible wheelbases being just a bit short. Philip Cook is opting for the Tsugawa chassis with two small 4.5 volt mini-motors, saying the wheelbase is spot on. I just don't trust the mini-motors yet...



Rich K.

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Hi Chris,

you can find it also from PI.R.A.T.A, CFB and Tecnomodel

http://www.piratamodels.it/html/novita.html (scroll down)

http://www.cfbonline.it/  (scroll down...)

http://www.tecnomodel-treni.it/items.php?search=tram&idcatss=0&x=0&y=0 (end of page)

not all the ACME point, sell this particular model, N scale in Italy is not so developed, so is really hard to find an N scale reseller, only H0  :sad:

p.s. the price is everywhere the same, 16€




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Thanks for the links Massimo. I looked at all three shops. As an aside, I had no idea there were so many really sharp looking models of Italian trains. I had quite a lot of fun scrolling through the different listings. Nice tangent, thanks.




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Has anyone motorized one of these cars?

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No, as I did not buy from this type of tram.

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