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"You Play with Trains?"

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NGT6 1315

I mark it up to our modern culture which really does try to kill the child in us. to me nurturing that child is important and healthy to a good life and a balanced soul. with out it everything becomes serious (like it being bad to spend your time playing with trains) and the joy and fun in life go away.



Sounds like a good point to me - in fact, I believe that, regrettably, things like just turning your back on your everyday hassles for a few hours and having fun with whatever your hobby might be is increasingly frowned upon by a growing number of the population as this is considered - well, I might say "unproductive." I might even go further and say that this kind of attitude seems to actually be encouraged by the powers-that-be - in a sense like "you must, first and foremost, be a productive member of working society until you may even dare think about amusement of any kind." Not a healthy way of looking at things at all, in my opinion, and a sure way for promoting eventual downfall.


But it's not all that different with having real railways as a hobby. I've come across numerous people - who I initially thought to be enlightened enough to at least try and understand the reasons for being fascinated with railways - who met me with blank stares when I told them about my hobby, or indeed blurted out things like "Why in h*** do you like them bl**dy trains? They're always late anyway." Well, yes, trains can be delayed for any number of reasons - so what? I guess people with this kind of mindset are simply unable to even try and think any further about all the other things railways are about.

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