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testing the Seto Ohashi with 9 EF65s

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...and then another at the end.  Well, almost.  The actual consist is EF65-1047 + EF65-8 + EF65-18 + EF65-44 + EF65-38 + EF65-9 + EF64-1 + E­F62-25 + EF65-93 +SUHAFU 12-143+ KOKI 525838 + EF65-124.  This was January and February of 1988, before the opening of the bridge.  Look at the track deformation, I think this is called compliance, 1:55 to 2:40!  Seems like very rare footage.



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bikkuri bahn

Don't miss the other segments-


Explaining earlier work done by JNR using 1/5 scale models circa 1970 and on the Karikachi test track in Hokkaido, as well as the dynamics of a bridge structure:



Running up to 95km/h, and braking in the middle of the bridge:



Testing the effect of a 1000 ton train on road traffic running above:


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Crazy, but perfect for a country that is perpetually shifting around.


There is definitely an EF66 leading that train twice though... I was slightly confused when I saw the topdown shot on the bridge and the angled front locomotive. The second-last panning shot is also definitely an EF66.


Totally amazing technology.

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Tried for those four videos, told that all were unavailable.






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Yes sadly went dark as they do at times.


doing some searching on YouTube with Japanese characters and did find some of it elsewhere.



Longer version





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Thanks for updated links Jeff.  I had a quick look when I saw your post in the other thread, but couldn't find anything.

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