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Martijn Meerts

New steamers

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Martijn Meerts

MicroAce announced several new steam engines for those who like them ;)


A9813: C62-17 (yep, another C62 after having released 3 C62's not long ago ;))

A9615: C59-164

A9614: C59-108 imperial train


Also of interest are 2 sets of series 10 cars, which are meant for the C62 I believe. Both sets include 2 cars with directional front/tail lights.


A1583: Set of 10 series 10 cars.

A1584: Set of 3 series 10 cars.

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Both the A9813: C62-17and the A9615: C59-164 are meant for the series 10 cars sets.

I think the C62-17 is the loco that travelled at 129 km/h, world speed record for narrow gauge steam.



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