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Paper Forceps

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Paper forceps are neat articulating (or self holding) forceps that have long parallel jaws. The great thing on them is the pressure along the jaws is pretty even all the way down so they are good at holding longer glue joints together on flat on flat glues. they are also great at holding parts on the bench while you work on them. Their pressure is usually not extreme and they usually have serrated edges to get a good grip on things.


The even pressure even allows you to hold multiple items at once that are all about the same size. i do this all the time to paint multiples of the same item or to hold up to a half dozen wire ends while tinning the ends.


Most paper forceps have an off center to them so you can have the jaws up off the bench a quarter or so which is handy for some longer items. since the pinch area is wider the jaws it hold itself flat on the bench.


Really handy little guys to hold stuff and only a few bucks each (usually around $2-5 or less than $2 if you buy 10).







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Looks useful!

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