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Pictures of the new Hibiya Line "Toranomon Hills" station

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The new Toranomon Hills station would be located 800m from Kamiyacho and 500m from Kasumigaseki.

At the moment, the distance between the two is 1300m, wich, for a line passing under a dense center is a bit longer than usual (the normal distance between urban subway stations is around 1Km, with a minimium of 300m), wich makes sense for a new station to be put in the middle, except that with the current project, they're building it directly in front of the Toranomon Hills complex, missing an opportunity to create a direct transfer to the Ginza Line at Toranomon station.

Yes, the two lines would be connected; but by a 7-minute walk, wich is way too much, even for an underground passageway.


Given that the station's purpose will be almost exclusively to serve the complex it's not surprising to see it will be named that way, altough i would have choosed a more Japanese "Nishi-Shimbashi" (West Shimbashi) or "Atago-Jingu-Mae" ("Near the Atago Temple") or "Sakurada-dori" (the street under it will be built), rather than "Toranomon Hills", as (given that in Japanese there is no " L "  sound and words mostly end with a wowel) will end up sounding like "Toranomon Hirrusu".


Altough the thing that worries me most in this all "new station" deal is neither the name or the placement: it's the planned BRT.


"The station will be located on the west side of the Toranomon Hills commercial and residential complex which opened in June 2014, and will provide connections with a new bus and bus rapid transit terminal also planned ahead of the 2020 Olympics." (source)


Bus Rapid Transit? When? Where? WHY!?

Why would you build what is possibly the least efficient (in terms of cost compared to the occupied space and capacity) and least suitable pubblic transport system for a densely populated and built metropolis like Tokyo!


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