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Need for High Speed

China HO/N EMU Anouncements

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Need for High Speed
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Lets say Hello to the dragon


Kunter is releasing a model of the CRH380A in N scale this month (Looks compatible with Kato Shinkansen's). Sorry for the confusion CMR is not making the CR400AF in HO, they are producing it in N scale. MTC is the one producing the CR400AF in HO scale and estimated to be released in October. Meanwhile in Hong Kong a newly established brand/manufacturer Moon Rail will also be producing the 8 car CR400AF EMU in HO scale their current estimated possible release is now November.


The MTC Model will be sold in two sets. Set 1 will have two sleek cabs a motor car and a non motor car with a pantograph. Set 2 will have four non powered cars with a  pantograph mounted on one car, allowing you to complete the full 8 car train. The Moon Rail model is very similar. They will be equipped with nose couplers to allow you to run 16 car double consists. For MTC the spacing between each Diaphragm is adjustable for very tight curves or owners preference. Both models are plastic with metal motor frames in the power car. Both models are DCC ready with a 21 pin plug and some extra space for a speaker.  I cannot tell you for sure if they will require multiple decoders. However, both companies are building their models different factories. So their prices will be different from each other Hopefully this gives them an incentive to charge lower prices.

This Information was gathered from this Twitter account. https://twitter.com/easti?lang=en


At this point I'm sure your hype to buy these. The Kunter N-scale CRH380A 3 car basic set is around 180-200 USD I think. Prices of the HO models have not been released yet, as of this post.


Moon Rail unpainted sample HO Model CR400AF


香港新ブランドの名前はMOON RAIL model. CR400ALサンプル画像がきました。JAMエリエイブースにて展示。 MTCブースはエリエイのとなりです!
パンタグラフ照明点灯、運転室照明点灯、勿論室内灯も。HOスケールです。 pic.twitter.com/SD0O6FY5F2

— EASTI (@EASTI) August 7, 2019


MTC CR400AFは連結間隔が調整可能となっています。 pic.twitter.com/GPQ3ZqRUFd

— EASTI (@EASTI) August 9, 2019



MTC HO model has adjustable diaphragms, I have never seen this design feature before.



The entire 8 car train has one power car and the detailing looks impressive.

Here are some videos of the MTC model from Twitter





I am excited about these models. But I wish that the CRH380A EMU would be made in 1:87/16.5mm ratio because it would go well with my Tenshodo JR series 500. The Chinese market is still relatively new compared to markets in Japan, US, and Europe. But its large and growing fast so I'm expecting more models to be made in the coming years.

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