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model train stores/museums Tokyo and Osaka?

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It appears that the most recent list of hobby stores in the forum dates back to 2010. Forgive me if I got this wrong ...


Wife and I are traveling to Osaka and Tokyo in October 2019. We're trying to build a list of stores and model-train museums to visit.


Where might a current list be posted in the forum? Does it include the Kato, Tomix, Greenmax shops? Discount retailers? Museums?


Anyone got recommendations? links to click to?


In advance, much and many thanks. 

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In this section you posted in. There are multiple threads about various areas. Most have last be replied to in the past 2 years.

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I moved the post into the sub forum here, I think Leon did not see it was here.


the 2010 thread was when it was started and it’s had a lot of update posts since then on details and other stores that may or may not have been updated to the google map




there is also another google map of shops one of the members here (Yavianice) has created



(if you are on a pad paste into the browser as it doesn’t load in the google map app)


also take a look in the travel forum for info on museums and a bit of shop and train travel ideas.



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Do be sure to double-check any maps/lists first, as there is a constant flux. For example the Tenshodo location on the second map above is now incorrect.



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