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Does anyone have Micro Ace DD51-1059 loco?

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DD51-1059 Japan Freight Railway Test Color III



Is this train as nice as it looks? Does it run well? Are all the wheels powered? How does it compare with other freight locos?

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Posted (edited)

I think all wheels powered except the middle bogie like KATO and TOMIX. About run i don´t know, but the newer editions are better than the older powered cars.

This version of DD51 is a Hokkaido engine, you can connect it with other DD51 (cold specifications) oder as a single train ((Goryokaku to Naebo Works) DD51 + ED79 without freight cars).

BTW, you can use this loco in period from 1988 - 1994*.  But you can drive it with what you want 😄




*moment of DF200 order with paint-change for remodeld DD51´s


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forgot a link
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