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Miniature CCTV cameras

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You know the kind... big ones in oblong protective boxes ... having spent some quality time putting the tiny plastic bits on various locomotives, I keep seeing the "whistle covers" supplied for some types and thinking they would be excellent for a hyper-detail scene.



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Nice, keep tabs on everyone!


I’ll have to dig out the detail jars. A long time back at a swap meet I got a big ox of a ton of misc sprews from all sorts of models for a couple of bucks. I nipped off all the little bits that looked like they could be made into some odd detail later. I also got a couple of small boxes of various n scale detail parts (doors, windows, fences etc) from some of the regular used train dealers at the shows. I guess they are all the bits they find at the bottom of a box of used stuff. Sadly not found any lately, it’s about the only thing other than scenery stuff I search for at shows.



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