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Table saw upgrades

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So I had this great table saw outfeed table that I purchased about 6 months ago but had not gotten around to assembling (many many bolts). So I have a wood working project to do for a friend and decided the outfeed would really be great, so I assembled it all and man it’s nice! So nice to not have to try to set up the roller stands when ripping longer pieces that never work well. The outfeed table gives great support and quickly folds down out of the way when not needed.


I had also purchased a hold down system for the fence recently and got it installed as well! It really great as the wheels push the stock into the fence and hold it down well at the same time, so all you need to do is push the wood thru. No more worrying about the piece wobbling a little against the fence as it goes thru and causing a bad cut. Really important now with a more powerful saw and very sharp blades as any little wiggle and it will just chop off the straight cut easily!


glad they are now installed and working as really great additions! 








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