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MicroAce A0302 Maya34-2009

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So I think someone already mentioned this.  But when you fit knuckle couplers to this car.  The whole coupler unit is super duper shortened due to the original rapido coupler arms being very long, say 2-3mm.  And hence the car being very close to the coupled loco.  I'd assume that under 315/317mm radi curves would be a no-no.


I am attempting to fit Kato 11-702 black knuckle couplers to this car.


Inside the box it comes ones 2mm lengthened rapido coupler pocket.  This allows one end to come back out to a reasonable length of coupler, similar to the rapido.


But what to do with the other end?  I'd love to run it with a pushing and a pulling JRK DE10 set.


Anyone with said set that have replaced the couplers come up with a solution.  Of seen a Japanese text/language blog of a solution?

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Kato R282 canted curves


Normally fitted coupler




With extra length coupler pocket.




You would probably get away with R249/C243 with the extended coupler pocket fitted.

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