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Help with FEF-3 with rods out

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As shown in the picture, my Kato FEF-3 suddenly lost some crank pis and some rods (only one side) fell out. Luckily I have the rods and the miniature crank pins

Can I fix this? Is it easy? How do I start?

I've been looking around but can't find relevant information

Can someone help me out with a "how-to" or similar advice?


Thanks in advance

SAM_5555 (1024x576).jpg

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If you have all the parts and they are not damaged its not too hard of a repair.  First you place the locomotive on its side, then replace the rods.  Then you insert the crankpins.  Some models use screw threads, while others use press fit, so check which type your model uses so you know how to install them correctly.  A pair of fine tweezers can help a lot to get the pins in the holes, then just press or screw them in till they are snug but the rods can still move freely.  The timing crank should be about facing center of the driver, possible offset slightly.

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