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Broadway Limited Big Boy

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Having recently acquired one of Broadway's spectacular Big Boy models (and then begun work to modify things for use on my fictional road), I would like to ask if anyone else has this model and what they think of it. Do you have any particularly good or bad impressions? Do you have a record-length train that you've pulled with little to no issues? Did you buy one only to find out that the trackwork on the layout you run it on wasn't up to standard? What are you using it for/Are you using it for primarily freight or passenger service? If you're using it for passenger, are you trying to integrate it into your mainline operations or is it an excursion only thing like the prototypes?

Also, I specifically bought a coal-fired version for the dynamic coal load feature, but after several hours of steady use, I have not seen the coal load deplete. Was this feature not included in the 2nd run of the models or may I have something broken? I do not want to take it apart for fear of voiding the warranty.


Heres a video of mine.

Please pardon the miss-matched coaches. I have very little in the way of HO passenger stock outside of Amtrak, so I figured they'd be leasing some Amfleets for this run. I have a set of old IHC heavyweights in Santa Fe's Valley flyer that I intend to use, but they need...work.



Yes, there are Silverliners in the background. No, I do not know where to get them. They are all scratch-built resin models.

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