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NS 20 "Camel" Executive/Charter vehicle transferred from NS to Dutch Railway Museum

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NS retired their Executive/Charter vehicle 20 from 1954 today. Originally it was a car for VIP (such as queen Wilhelmina and Queen (the band)) but it could also be chartered for a price. On both sides of the train, there is a lounge/meeting area. A small kitchen and bathroom is also in the train. Back in the day it occasionally also traveled abroad, to Germany (possibly also other countries). The driver cabs are above, to which the train owns its nickname (Camel)


Today, NS still has a VIP car that is used for ministerial delegations and state/royal travels (sometimes hooked to the back of the sleeper train to Austria for the royal families yearly ski trip).


The NS 20 was transferred to the Dutch Railway museum for exhibition. Not sure yet if it will continue to let the train run, though it is likely that it will be rented out for some charters/nostalgia trips in the future.


I caught the train traveling to the railway museum on its final official journey (by NS) and made the picture below.




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What a cool train!  Makes me want to get a kiha183.

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Martijn Meerts

They had it on display / available for short trips at the train station near where I live a few years ago. The local model train club and the Dutch Railways, and the local bus company had teamed up to have a weekend where they were showing old trains, old buses, and the model train club had an exhibition. 

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Now, THAT has class !!!

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