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Having a bad day -- truck full of artillery shells falls off highway

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You can use the twitter translate functionality to get the details



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Wow, they get their shells delivered by a commercial logistics company.


Still I guess it's convenient if no-one is at home when the driver calls, he/she can leave a slip and the SDF can call to rearrange redelivery when they're in.



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Just hope the delivery guy brings your train package and has not mixed it up with a box of shells...



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Artillery shells are designed to withstand much heavier forces than just falling off a truck.

The thing that makes a shell go bang is its fuse.These are so designed so that they only arm (that is become sensitive to impact) after the gun is fired, the combination of the very rapid acceleration up the barrel and the spin imparted by the rifling arm the fuse., so then the shell will explode on impact.

The fuse has a screw off safety cap, removed before firing, even with this removed and the exposed inner cap hit with a hammer, the shell will not explode.

I know, I worked in this business during the war.





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