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The control panel top, made from Acrylic sheet, has been masked off with the trackplan ready to be painted from behind. This is being made using the same techniques I've used on my previous layouts.




Underside of the layout during wiring up, still a rat's nest!







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So with the masking tape still on the back of the control panel is sprayed all over. Once dry the masking tape is removed one piece at a time to reveal a clear section and this is then painted (From behind) with the same colour as the feed wire to that particular section. It here is ever a problem you can trace that colour from the section switch, though the various multi-plugs to the rail to find the problem. You can see a pre-wired 25 pin din plug on the left.




Switches will be DPDT toggle switches able to feed either controller to each section. This will allow trains to crossover from inner to outer tracks in the station.



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So I've been out with the other layouts (Republic Steel and Cuyahoga)  at shows for a few weekends so not much progress has been made on the layout as the workshop was rammed with baseboards!


I'm out with Republic at the end of August but thought I'd press on with the control panel this weekend


Now fitted with the section switches and sat alongside the power pack




The power pack is used on all my exhibition layouts which means it has done a lot of shows! Built to be virtualy bomb proof with the scart plug fitted umbilical cable taking the power to the control panel.The inner track can be switched to DCC (NCE Power cab) using the keyswitch on the frontright hand corner.


The Excel sheet below shows how I manage the various feeds the power pack can supply. This is printed on card and kept in the electrics box in case I get a problem at a show




So in the control panel the scart socket that takes the feed from the powerpcak is on the right hand side. The 15V AC feed from controller 2 feeds the Gaugemaster electonic track cleaner ( I Still call them 'Relcos' though)


Controller 1 feeds the inner track, Controller 3 feeds the outer track. Youll see how I've used domestic grey cable clips to keep the panel tidy. The nail holes in these are just the right size to run an M3 Tap down to thread them so the can be screwed down.The Track cleaner is secured by two plastic clips. These are designed to hold the kick boards on Kitchen units and were spare when I refitted the kitchen a few years ago and have just the right tesnion to hold the unit. These can be slid out to access the feeds in the tag strip hidden behind.


So the centre, 25 pin Din, socket is all the track feeds to the layout. The 50 pin socket on the left will be all the feeds to the point motors as some stage in the future


All the switches are in place ready to take the feed from the Relco and then supplying the feed to the socket via the tag strip. The Relco will have by-pass switches fitted at some stage to isolate it if required.




More soon



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In a gap between shows I managed to press on the wirng this weekend. 


With the layout stood vertically on the trestles (Clamped of course!) and the control panel I tested the continuity of th feed from the panel to the railhead.




wiring the DPDT toggle switches




The video makes more sense and in the second part I start to to look at using downloaded building designs (Papercraft, Brother etc) to plan the townscape






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