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Mutsui D51 Model

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So, I saw this on Yahoo and thought it was a "for repair" brass in HO.

Boy was I wrong.

It is, in-fact brass and it is, in fact, for-repair, but it is NOT HO and is closer to O scale (As opposed to O Gauge)

So here's a rather large D51 in need of some TLC (Which it is currently getting). Right now trying to fix what got damaged in transport and then the running gear will probably be dissasembled to be lubed so it rolls nicely. Won't ever see a layout as I have yet to see a narrow gauge layout in O, but it squeaks and I like my models to move freely.






















Going to need lots of small paintwork and parts reseated. It did come with a display case as well, but I may replace the cover ad it has a few cracks in it. Will need to be polished at the very least.


Anyways, thoughts? Input? Suggestions?

I am not familiar with such large scale models and honestly don't know what to do with it other than fix and set it on a shelf.

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Nice find! Start a new layout! 😜 



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Posted (edited)

Not an operating model unfortunately. The higher quality base had rollers in it which would run the drivers instead of having a motour on-board. There isn't any mounting location for a motour and the chassis doesn't allow for gearing, otherwise I'd have considered it.

Would love to have an operating model in this sort of large scale, though.

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