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Signals for JR HO

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Hello All,


I am currently building a British OO gauge layout in my loft, but as I have a collection of Japanese HO I am going to dedicate a corner of the layout to Japan, so I have an area for the JR trains to run in Japanese scenery. So far, the track is down and wired, and I am currently working on weathering and ballasting a section of the track. With this,  I am starting to think about signalling. I will need at least 2 signals on the JR section, possibly 3 depending on where I will site the third. So far, I cannot find many options for realistic looking JR signals. 


One option is using a Kato signal, removed from it's adjoining track. Has anyone done this, or likely to know how easy it will be to remove the signal to plant on a layout? Also, does anyone know if the signal is common positive or common negative? The said signal is here - https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10357997


Alternatively, JR signals look pretty similar to the signals commonly found in the Netherlands, so this could be an option, but I have not been able to find any ready made NS signals online. I have found these however - https://www.shapeways.com/product/X27WBRDW6/ns-hoofdsein-1x-links?optionId=62907802 - but I would need to fit suitable LED's. Does anyone have any suggestions?


There are plenty of cheap and cheerful signals on ebay that have the correct shape heads, but these are very basic, and in most, the LED's stick out, not looking very realistic.


Thanks, Stuart.

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