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Kurihara Electric Railway 1990s

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We go back to the 1990s, when the Kurihara Electric Railway seemed frozen in time. A wooden terminal, token coil exchange, unmanned stations and good  scenery.













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maihama eki

Great photos.  Made for modeling.

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beautiful!!    So that's what a switch engine looks like!!   I've been wondering,,,,   N scale??  any thoughts on where to find one??

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Martijn Meerts

Look up World Kougei, they have some very similar models.

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ED201 and 202 were original Kurihara locos, originally built to 762mm gauge then regauged to 1067mm with the rest of the railway.


ED351 was built for Tobu and used on the Nikko tramway. When that closed Kurihara snapped it up.


Cheers Nicholas

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