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maihama eki

Amagi Modeling Idea

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maihama eki
Posted (edited)

Starting a topic for people to post their results of builds of Amagi Modeling Idea kits.  http://www.amagi-model.com/amagi/index.html


I recently built one of the small stations that are part of the set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10495161


The one I built is Kamijo Station in Nagano Pref.  It is a tiny station on the Nagaden line: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamijō_Station_(Nagano)


I was pretty happy with how this went together and came out.  I would say the kit is almost on par with the Sankei kits in term of the materials and laser cutting.  I chose to paint a few pieces – the window frames and door, the vents, the roof, and the inside of the walls.  I added some posters inside, a figure, the roof ice dam bar, and some lights.  The lights are some scratch built florescent fixtures that I made with a 3D printed piece, a nano-size LED, and some metallic aluminum duct sealing tape.


A couple of construction photos.  I laminated the double thick walls and base piece before assembly and added glazing in the windows.  I painted the inside walls white and added posters.








The final result.  I weathered it minimally.  I may do more later.




With the lights on.



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That looks very good, the lights look the part as well. I’m  off to have a look at these kits.

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Maihama eki.

A nice little job, but as it is a waiting room, there should be some seats along the walls, and perhaps a vending machine outside..

Occasionally with some Amagi models, there are slight errors in the part numbers on the assembly drawings, but usually one can work out where parts go.

They do make interesting looking kits, most of their station buildings are based on actual stations, not always now in existence.

I'm not sure if the Sankei stations are models of real stations.

They do have names, I must check to see if they are dinkum.








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If  you want  to try an Amagi Modelling kit, look at Series 06, this has two buildings, a small, simple waiting room, and a neat little 'ghost' (un-manned) station.

Something to cut your teeth on.

Regards, Bill,



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