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Andrew Nummelin

How to signal a layout (Arakawaoki) - part 2

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Andrew Nummelin

How does these signals function?




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Those look like route indicators.  They would show what route for the train to take.  It may be a number or a kanji symbol light up in small leds (or blubs considering the ages of said signals).

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Andrew Nummelin

Agree that these look like route indicators.

The upper photo, down direction, would appear to have the signal not placed for exit from the centre loop: it also seems to be too complex to signal movement over the crossover between the main lines. Could the system have indicated from which goods line,  on the right, that a departure was permitted?

However in the up direction, bottom photo, there are no facing points on the main line and the exit from the loop is well beyond the far end of the platform (where there is a similar signal), so I can’t see any use for this signal.

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