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Gaugemaster Model Q suitability?

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Please forgive my ignorance here but I got a Gaugemaster Model Q 



Question is, is it suitable for modern Japanese rolling stock from the likes of Kato, Tomix and Greenmax?  I know your not supposed to use feedback controllers on coreless motors but I'm not sure what type of motors are in modern Japanese models. Plus the Gaugemaster site doesn't suggest it's a feedback controller. 


Many thanks,



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I would say it should be, the only snag I've found with some controllers is that they can be a bit hair trigger at low speed. Try it and see.


Is feedback the same thing as PWM? If so it wouldn't be a problem, Kato and Tomix both sell controllers using PWM and I've yet to see any side effects from my home-built controllers using eBay PWM modules. It doesn't sound as if the unit you have is a feedback one anyway.

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