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The Next Station Is...

My 'shallow' T-Traks...

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The Next Station Is...

I thought I'd already uploaded my interpretation of T-Trak modules but a quick check reveals I hadn't, so here they are! My modules are lasercut and to the original standard dimensions of 308mm x 210mm, but with the exception of being 10mm deep (raised with 60mm stands if they are ever connected to other modules).


I find making scenery very hard - or motivation hard at least - but I have one completed module not shown here and a street scene module in progress, loosely inspired by the Eizan Electric Railway.


Finally, I'm currently experimenting with different styles of corner modules and you can see my digital mockups below. Which is your favourite style? I'm curious to know! 


Hope to update you with progress in the near future. 




T-Trak Corner Module.png

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Nice start!  depth these days is totally open (it always has been but more so now).


Scenery is really practice and once you get going it sort of snowballs quickly, especially after you have practices some and just start doing things.





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