This is the base post for the thread for the DIY lighting project PCB board.  I am going to come up with an initial try this weekend if I can.   I am going to try and make it flexible so you can use 0805 or 1206 sized components (LEDs, ceramic caps), as well as a tantalum cap.  Also with or without a voltage regulator (and support both a 3 pin DIP? and SMD style).  And make it so you can break off the board ends to make different length boards (with a place to wire a jumper to complete the circuit).   About how far apart do we want the LEDs to be?  How wide should the board be?  A Tomix factory board I have is about 3/8" (about 9.5mm) wide.   Generally the circuit will be like   rectifier (optional)  -- voltage regulator (optional -- you can run the board at 5V or 12V or whatever you want) -- resistor (inrush like 100 ohm or whatever you want) -- caps (up to 10 ceramic or one tantulum) -- dimming resistor -- LEDs   @Kiha66   Does that look reasonable?   For the optionality of the rectifier and/or voltage regulator there will be multiple "start points"