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JNR in color, 1968

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Great mix of both busy urban lines as well as rural lines.  Shots of steam, DMUs, EMUs, Shinkansen construction and lots of Japan in transition to a modern urbanized culture.  Love all the short sleeved businessmen on the 101 series EMUs!



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Wow. These films show so much that's interesting and useful for us Showa-era modellers. The Gono Line mixed train hauled by the 8620 at the start of the film is my favourite, though!


All the best,



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I know, these have really rekindled my interest in the Showa era.  Now lets see how long I can refrain from picking up a 101 series...

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Go on, what's stopping you then? You have a choice of Kato, MicroAce, Tomytec, Greenmax and WIN, though the WIN models don't really count as they are based on a Tomix chassis with a "box seat" arrangement.


The Kato ones are overall the nicest, except the cab window angles seem very "steep" compared to the prototype and other manufacturers.



Kato/MicroAce 101 series comparsion by Rail Squid, on Flickr


(Kato left, MicroAce right)



WIN 101 series by Rail Squid, on Flickr



Tomytec Chichibu 1000 series (orange) by Rail Squid, on Flickr

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Fantastic details shots at every turn. When I do my Showa era Z layout this is going to be so useful. Just wish we had a source of the cars and trucks in 1/220



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Posted (edited)

Thanks for posting this,,, most of my fright cars, an some of my passenger cars seem to come from this era.

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