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Raw sound sources?

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I have little experience with sound under DCC but do have a Minitrix BR 101 with built-in factory sound and also I have a D&H sound decoder installed in my Fleischmann BR147 (using BR146.5 sounds since there was no BR147 available, at least at the time).


I am interested in building sound projects for various locomotives/EMU/DMU/trains (probably mostly Japanese) for D&H sound decoders (as I have a few and I also have the programming box).  Are there any good sources for raw sounds for various trains?  I thought it would be interesting to find various sounds of a JR 103 EMU starting, accelerating, stopping, etc.  All the various sounds you typically would include.  Also, for various Shinkansen.   I am not looking for finished sound projects, but raw sounds (.WAV, .MP3, .ogg, or whatever) and was wondering if there are known repositories or anything like that. 



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