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ICE: Basel Drift does not end well

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Feeling a bit Deja Vu since there was a derailment not far from there also involving an ICE, not far from where this happened, in November 2017. So much for the spotless reputation* from the Swiss railway.


Fortunately nobody got hurt. It was a close call.


(there have been very many derailments in Switzerland the last few years)

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See 20 Minuten for more photos: https://www.20min.ch/schweiz/basel/story/Zug-entgleist-bei-Basel-Bahnhof-27682326

The train likely traveled on two tracks for almost a kilometer from the last switch to where it derailed. The distance between the tracks widens just in front of the tunnel, causing the bogies of the first coach to actually leave the track. You can see how the bogies have been turned beyond full look in the way they damaged the frame. Fortunately, thanks to derailing, it stopped just short of a separating tunnel wall. The train also passed under a bridge, which fortunately doesn't have center pillars.


Edit: Here's a driver's cab video of the section between Basel Bad Bahnhof and Basel SBB

The switch in question is at 02:10,  the bridge at 02:40 and the tunnel at 03:00

There's also a little sign post between the tracks at @ 02:27 which likely caused the scratches seen on the left side of the derailed coach.

Also, the track jurisdiction changes from DB to SBB @ 01:40 

The max. speed here is 70 km/h

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