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Power problems with Kato Double track single crossovers

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A drawing of the layout is attached. I borrowed a friend's working pair of eyes and she knows nothing about model trains and conventions. So an explanation follows.

Current temporary layout is a 4 track oval with extended loops. Basically there is a 310mm straight perpendicular to the longer straight. There is also an island platform with a branch line on the inner most oval.

Outer two loops are connected by scissors crossover 20-210.

The 2nd and 3rd ovals are connected by a left and right double track single crossover 20-230 and 20-231.

The 3rd and 4th ovals are also connected with a left and right double track single crossover 20-230 and 20-231.

All double track single crossovers are set to nonpower routing and frog power is on.

There is a power feed on the second oval from the outside between 20-210 and 20-231.


The problem: In the drawing, the 20-231 double track single crossover marked 2A is giving me trouble. When I throw the turnout so that the train can switch from the 2nd to the 3rd oval, the locomotive passes through the turnout and halts immediately after. It doesn't seem to halt on the turnout but after. When the locomotive stops, if I throw the turnout back, it starts moving again. It is almost as if the 20-231 is cutting off power when it is thrown. All other Single crossovers work fine. The 3rd oval has power if I don't throw the single crossover marked 2A.


Other than a possibly faulty crossover piece, am I doing something wrong? I know there are quite a few double track single crossovers in the layout (4)  and then the scissors crossover.


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Clarifying question.  Can you more clearly state the point it dies?  Front or rear truck crosses the unitrack joint, frog or clears the points?


Though my only thoughts are either its faulty or, what would happen if a screw were not present, like backed out of the no power routing hole.

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False alarm. The problem with borrowing a working pair of eyes is that they can be unreliable at times. A friend said all the 4 double track single crossovers are set to non-power routing. But they are wrong. This particular one is set to power routing. I swapped the screws and everything is working well.

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