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Kato HO Taki 43000s Question

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I have a rake of the recently re-released Kato HO Taki 43000s including the singular silver painted one. (#143645)


I am in the process of adding numbers etc.. and noticed they include 3 different logo stickers to attach to an owners boar on the deck on the top of the wagon.


The included logos are for 3 oil companies, Cosmo, Idemitsu and one I don't recognise.


Looking at photos on Google, there are almost no pictures I've found showing these tankers with these marks attached. I found one with a Shell Oil logo on a black Taki.


The Idemitsu website explains they changed their logo in 2006 and the included sticker is of their old logo.


My question is..... Does anyone know when they stopped adding the company logos on to the tankers?


As I understand, the blue Japan Oil Terminal Takis were manufactured from 1967 onwards, black from 1974, the lone silver one in 1987 and green and grey from 1990. I was wondering if this practise was discontinued after the privatisation of JNR in 1987, in which case the silver one would not have had an owners mark attached at any point.


Thanks for your help in advance

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