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Z scale controllers with simulation!

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Hi all,


In in the last 6 months I’ve been bitten by the Japanese modelling bug after the purchase of a rokuhan starter set while in Japan. I’ve slowly expanded my collection and I’m a big fan of the new shorties in Z!


The supplied rokuhan controller is great but I’m looking for something more like the tomix DU101-CL to make the driving a bit more fun. I’ve found out that it’s got a 12V output which is higher than recommended by rokuhan for their models. Does anyone know it’s its straight DC (and so could protect the models by not using full speed) or whether it’s PWM and pulsing at 12V constantly?


Does anyone have a suggestion for another controller that’s more Z friendly and does a similar thing? Or a way of limiting the output voltage...


Thanks for your help!



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Posted (edited)

The Tomix controllers (especially those with CL-functionality) are PWM.


I'm not sure if there are any other controllers like that out there especially for Z gauge, but you could use the N-DU101-CL with a Power supply that outputs less voltage (possibly with selectable voltage) as long as the plug to the controller fits and it supplies at least 1500mA.

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Thanks for the reply! I hadn't even thought about limiting the power supply! Does anyone have one of these controllers and an adjustable power supply that could check it still functions normally?

Otherwise I may just take the plunge and buy one and see what happens!

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