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Self contained automated announcements

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Looking for ideas for how to automate station announcements battery powered in ttrak modules.  I can get small boards with the record and playback, but need ideas on how to trigger them.  Was thinking some light based system through the bottom of the track, but not sure what would work.  I think the light based stuff has to be open in light, closed in dark.  And the sound quality of the boards is suspect, have not found a lot with sound quality specs.  I only need 4 so I could probably budget 10-15 bucks each.  Thanks

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I just got a couple of these to play with for some knitted stuffed animal my wife is making for our grand nephews. 






Simple on their own with a momentary switch close. Rapido use to make some mini switches you put next to the rail that would open the switch for ultimate simplicity.


these work with more complex serial control from an arduino processor like an Arduino Nano where you could use light sensors on the analog io pins and a program then to control the player via serial.


or direct with a little photo relay board




all 5v so can just use a usb 5v rechargeable supply, cheap these days



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